Roadhouses Across the Nullarbor Plain

Roadhouses Across the Nullarbor Plain
Old Nullarbor Roadhouse, SA

When you drive across the Nullarbor Plain, roadhouses are your saviour for food, accommodation and car fuel. Hence, it is important to know about the details of roadhouses, their location, contact details and the distance between them.

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What is Roadhouse?

This is just in case you are not familiar with the term.

A roadhouse is countryside or outback side shop near that highway and it provides food, water, general supplies, accommodation, car fuel and emergency facilities.

Nullarbor Roadhouse, South Australia

The roadhouses across the Nullarbor Plain provide the following facilities to the travellers.

  • car fuel station

  • restaurant

  • bar

  • general store where you get water, chips, biscuits, chocolates and ice creams

  • basic and limited accommodation facility (there is no 5 star or luxury accommodation)

  • caravan park

  • pay and get shower facility

  • ATM

  • Telephone facility

  • souvenir shop

  • swimming pool in some roadhouses

  • museum in some roadhouses

Roadhouses across the Nullarbor

I am going to tell you the name, location and details of the roadhouses across the Nullarbor Plain. As a highway traveller, this is very important for you to know.

I have listed the roadhouses in the order of their presence from Ceduna (SA) to Norseman (WA). If you drive from Perth to Melbourne, then read this list from the bottom.

  1. Penong (SA) - a small settlement

  2. Nundroo Roadhouse (SA)

  3. Nullarbor Roadhouse (SA)

  4. Border Village Roadhouse (SA) - border of South Australia and Western Australia

  5. Eucla (WA) - a small settlement

  6. Mundrabilla Roadhouse (WA)

  7. Madura Roadhouse (WA)

  8. Cocklebiddy Roadhouse (WA)

  9. Caiguna Roadhouse (WA)

  10. Balladonia Roadhouse (WA)

  11. Fraser Range Station (WA) - No petrol. Accommodation only

Contact Details of Roadhouses across the Nullarbor

I am going to give you the contact details of each roadhouse located across the Nullarbor Plain. This will help you to book accommodation and to sort out any other queries you may have.

Penong (SA)

Penong Hotel

Eyre Highway, Penong, SA 5690
Ph: (08) 8625 1050
Location in Google Maps

Penong Caravan Park

Penong, SA 5690
Ph: (08) 8625 1111
Location in Google Maps 


Nundroo Roadhouse (SA)

Nundroo Roadhouse
Eyre Highway, Nundroo, SA 5690
Ph: (08) 8625 6120
Location in Google Maps

Nullarbor Roadhouse (SA)

Nullarbor Roadhouse
Eyre Highway, Nullarbor, SA 5690
Ph: (08) 8625 6271
Location in Google Maps

Border Village Roadhouse (SA)

Border Village Roadhouse
Eyre Highway, Border Village, SA 5690
Ph: (08) 9039 3474
Location in Google Maps


Eucla Motel (WA)

Eucla Motor Hotel
Eyre Highway, Eucla, WA - 6443
Ph: (08) 9039 3468
Location in Google Maps


Mundrabilla Roadhouse (WA)

Mundrabilla Roadhouse
Eyre Highway, Mundrabilla, WA 6443
Ph: (08) 9039 3465
Location in Google Maps


Madura Roadhouse (WA)

Madura Pass Oasis Motel
Lot 11, Eyre Highway, Madura, WA 6443
Ph: (08) 9039 3464
Location in Google Maps


Cocklebiddy Roadhouse (WA)

Cocklebiddy Roadhouse
Eyre Highway, Cocklebiddy, WA 6443
Ph: (08) 9039 3462
Location in Google Maps


Caiguna Roadhouse (WA)

Caiguna Roadhouse
Eyre Highway, Caiguna WA 6443
Ph: (08) 9039 3459
Location in Google Maps


Balladonia Roadhouse (WA)

Balladonia Hotel Motel

Eyre Highway, Balladonia, WA 6443
Ph: (08) 9039 3453
Location in Google Maps


Fraser Range Station (WA)

There is no petrol station at Fraser Range Station. It has accommodation facilities only.

Fraser Range Station
Eyre Highway, Norseman, WA 6443
Ph: (08) 9039 3210
Location in Google Maps

Distance between Roadhouses across the Nullarbor

In addition to the name and location of the roadhouses, you need to know the distance between the roadhouses too. This will help you to plan your journey, accommodation and mainly to check whether your car has sufficient fuel to get to the next roadhouse.

Distance between Roadhouses on the Nullarbor
Route (East to West)Distance (KM)Drive Time
Ceduna (SA) to Penong (SA)7250 min
Penong (SA) to Nundroo Roadhouse (SA)8255 min
Nundroo Roadhouse (SA) to Nullarbor Roadhouse (SA)1451 hr & 30 min
Nullarbor Roadhouse (SA) to Border Village Roadhouse (SA)1851 hr & 55 min
Border Village Roadhouse (SA) to Eucla (WA)1211 min
Eucla (WA) to Mundrabilla Roadhouse (WA)6540 min
Mundrabilla Roadhouse (WA) to Madura Roadhouse (WA)1161 hr & 10 min
Madura Roadhouse (WA) to Cocklebiddy Roadhouse (WA)9157 min
Cocklebiddy Roadhouse (WA) to Caiguna Roadhouse (WA)6642 min
Caiguna Roadhouse (WA) to Balladonia Roadhouse (WA)1811 hr & 51 min
Balladonia Roadhouse (WA) to Norseman (WA)1912 hr

 As you can see from the above table, the longest distance without a fuel stop is 191 KM between Balladonia Roadhouse (WA) and Norseman (WA). In this section, you'll drive through the elevated area of Fraser Ranges and hence your car may consume extra fuel if you are pulling caravan or trailers.

Cost of Items at the Roadhouses

What about the cost of items at the roadhouses across the Nullarbor?

It is expensive as compared to metro cities.

The reason why they are expensive is that every item needs to be transported from capital cities like Perth, Adelaide or some other places. So, the transportation cost is high. This increases the price.

How much expensive the items are? Let me give you some examples.

  • Petrol is costlier by 50 cents per litre as compared to metro price. When I drove across Nullarbor in November 2018, the price of petrol in the metro was $1.40 per litre. Across the Nullarbor, I paid up to $2.00 per litre.

  • Cost of a standard motel room per night was $120. This has a double bed, an attached bathroom, a small TV and AirCon/heater. No kitchen, no microwave oven.

  • Cost of a small cappuccino was $5

  • Cost of an ordinary breakfast was $14 (toasted bread with mushrooms)

  • Cost of an ordinary veggie burger was $12 (I am a vegetarian by the way)

  • Cost of a small bowl of chips was $5

  • Cost of an ordinary dinner was $21.95 (veggie burger and spring rolls)

So, be ready to pay more price for every item you purchase from the roadhouses.

Though the price is high, we should still thank the roadhouse management and the employees working there. Without them, it won't be possible to cross the Nullarbor that easily.