Quarantine Checkpoint

Quarantine Checkpoint at Border Village
Quarantine Checkpoint at Border Village (border of SA and WA)

Are you planning to take fruits and veggies for your trip across the Nullarbor Plain?

If yes, then you must read about and be aware of Quarantine Checkpoint and the process.

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Quarantine - Intro

The purpose of Quarantine Checkpoint is to control the spreading of pests, diseases and weeds through the transportation of fruits, veggies, plants and seeds.

This quarantine is conducted by the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia.

Location of Quarantine Checkpoint

Quarantine Checkpoint locations
Location of Quarantine Checkpoint

There is only one quarantine checkpoint where you must stop your car to be inspected by a Quarantine Inspector. This checkpoint is open 24 hours a day.

If you are driving from Adelaide to Perth, then quarantine checkpoint is present at Border Village Roadhouse (border of South Australia and Western Australia)

If you are driving from Perth to Adelaide, then quarantine checkpoint is present at the entrance of Ceduna in South Australia

Quarantine Items

Quarantine items
Quarantine items (Photo credit: Agriculture and Food, WA)

A quarantine Inspector will come and inspect your car for the following items.

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Honey
  • Plants
  • Seeds
  • Livestock
  • Soil
  • etc.

If the Inspector finds out any of the items mentioned above, then they'll go the rubbish bin straightaway. Penalties apply in some cases.

Quarantine Procedure

I went through the following procedure when my car was stopped at Quarantine Checkpoint near Border Village Roadhouse.

  1. Stop your car at the checkpoint and turn off the ignition

  2. Quarantine Inspector will request you to come out of the car

  3. You'll be given a pamphlet with a set of questions about whether you are carrying the items mentioned above or not

  4. You will respond with a "yes" or "no". This is the verbal declaration

  5. Quarantine Inspector will request you to open all the doors of the car and the boot. If your car is pulling a caravan or trailer, then you need to open the doors of them too

  6. Quarantine Inspector will inspect the car for any of the items mentioned above

  7. If the Inspector finds out anything, then they'll go the rubbish bin straightaway

  8. If nothing is found, then you'll be allowed to go

This overall process takes about 5 minutes.

Contact Details

If you need more details about quarantine matters, please feel free to contact the Quarantine Checkpoint office. Contact details are given below.

Quarantine Checkpoint
Eyre Highway, Border Village, SA 5690
Ph: (08) 9039 3227
Web: SA/WA Border - Quarantine Information
Location in Google Maps

My Suggestion

If you are planning to bring fruits and veggies, then I would like to suggest you one thing.

If you are planning to bring fruits and veggies for your trip, then bring them in limited quantity in such a way that you should be able to eat or cook them well before you reach the Quarantine Checkpoint. Otherwise, you'll lose the remaining fruits and veggies. It is a waste of money too. So, plan accordingly.

Also, remember the quarantine policy - Eat it or throw it